11a) Renewed Glory- Artist: Linda Arnold

11a) Renewed Glory Linda Arnold

Patron: Lincoln, Nebraska’s Downtown Art District

Referring to King Solomon: # 11a

“For the king had a fleet of ships of Tarshish at sea with fleet of Hiram. Once every three years the fleet of ships of Tarshish used to come bringing gold, silver, ivory, apes and peacocks”.

1 Kings 10:22

The peacock was given to the king as an object of splendor and opulence. A gift to gain favor. The display of feathers is a glory in nature.

The shape of a heart lends itself to an image of the spreading feathers of a peacock. Each year the peacock loses the tail feathers and re-grows new feathers for the next mating season.

Art has interpreted the peacock with many different approaches. Realism to the abstract. Taking artistic license with elements of design. My approach was to bring both into the “Renewed Glory”.