13a) I Have My Madness-Jean Welborn and Timm Hoff

13a“I Have My Madness” # 13a

“Understand me.
I’m not like an ordinary world.
I have my madness,
I live in another dimension
And I do not have time for things
that have no soul”.

This Charles Bukowski quote is the backbone of this piece.

As artists, the two of us live both in this ordinary world and in the world of our imagination. It’s another dimension where our madness runs wild, our thoughts become reality, and we are allowed freedom from the ordinary. Compared to the real world, the world of our imagination is full of soul, of magic.

The birds are set free by the woman and fly away from the two dimensional, ordinary world of their birth and set forth into the wilds of the extraordinary. They escape to a three dimensional existence, in the realm of imagination, where the painting escapes the canvas.