14a) Star Crossed Lovers- Elley (Elishia) Coffin

Patron: Wayne State College and Family & Friends of Elley Coffin

You see… Without the sun, the moon had no light. The sun shared her beauty and light so that the moon, himself, could be seen by the world. The moon could not help but fall in love with her. She gave him a gift by sharing her own. She allowed him to be the sun of the night. She allowed him to shine bright in all his glory. Every once in awhile, you will see the sun and the moon in sky together so that their lips may touch once more.

I have always been captivated by the moon. Ever since I was little, I remember wishing upon it like a star. As a photographer and adult artist today… My captivation has only grown for its beauty and mystery. Love has also been one of my captivations as an artist because, like the moon, it is also filled with so much beauty and mystery. One night as I was looking up at the moon and listening to a love song…The two just clicked. I immediately became inspired by the Moon and Sun’s star-crossed love story. I stayed up late that night eager to get the idea down on a canvas. Here in Nebraska, we occasionally have days where the Sun and the Moon share the sky together. I cannot help but believe that these are the days designed for the tow to meet face to face once more.


Acrylic Paint (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Glow in the dark (if it can be found)
Paint brushes
Large paint holders
Auto body clear coat