14b) The Good Life Lies in the Heart- Elley (Elishia) Coffin

14b“The Good Life Lies In The Heart” # 14b

    My inspiration for this piece came from Nebraska’s old motto “The Good Life”.  I do not think there could be a better way to sum of the state of Nebraska.  I tried to identify with the simplicity of Nebraska in this painting.  Some states are seen as loud and excited where Nebraska is more simple, quiet and serene.  As a photographer, landscape captivates me. The beautiful fields of corn sway in the warm summer breeze.  The windmills that spread across the Nebraska plains squeak and spin as the wind calls to them.  A lot of people say that Nebraska is only flat…which is not true.  Rolling hills can be found here and there creating riffs in the otherwise flat landscape.  The sun is present year round shining bright in all of its glory.

I know personally I have a special place in my heart reserved for “The Good Life” of Nebraska.  A place that finds peace and comfort.  Big cities are great and all…But there is nothing quite like the life that Nebraska provides.  I really wanted to capture this view in this painting.


Acrylic Paint (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Glow in the dark (if it can be found)

Paint brushes

Large paint holders

Auto body clear coat