14c) Two Hearts Become One-Elley (Elishia) Coffin

14c“Two Heart Become One” # 14c

Love is one of the world’s most mysterious, captivating unexplainable, beautiful things that it has to offer. Love is something most people search for in life. Some people find it. Others do not. Love is something that we do not have the opportunity to control or tame. I would like to believe that there is a person for everyone out there…Whether or not you get to find that person is the true mystery of it all. Do two people get tied together by fate? Or is it merely the works and creation of time? True, deep love is not easy to come across. But those fortunate enough to obtain it get the opportunity that so many people miss. It is that moment when two hearts stop beating as two individual hearts, but combine with one another to become that symbol of true, rare love.

For this painting, I really wanted to focus on the idea and complexity of a true, deep love. I hope that viewers do not just see the obvious subject of this painting, but hope that they dig deeper into the questions that make up the painting. Anyone can see two hearts tied together…But it takes a special person to see the questions of how two hearts can become one.


Acrylic Paint (Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, White, Glow in the dark (if it can be found)
Paint brushes
Large paint holders
Auto body clear coat