15b) Save a little Room for Magic-Nicole Van Hook

Patron: Judy Eicher

The concept for the Save a Little Room for Magic sculpture is inspired by J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan and Wendy. A reminder not to darken our hearts to the magic within our own imaginations.  At the base of the piece, a metal and paper replica of the book lays open to chapter one.  The pages look as though they are magically blowing in the breeze and billow upwards.  The black heart represents the night sky, and Captain Hook’s ship is right on course to Neverland on a book page sea.  The book, the sea, and the ship are made using metal adorned with waterproof and fade-proof paper.  The original book is in the public domain, and the pages are reproduced onto the specialized paper.  Hand-painted glitter and Swarovski crystals give the piece a hint of magic.