15d) Blank Canvas-Nicole Van Hook

Patron: Kay and Lee Rockwell- Learning never ceases.  In memory of our parents and their commitment to education.

The concept for the sculpture Blank canvas is that we have a choice every day how we write our story.  The words we choose to tell ourselves and the ones we project onto others.  The piece is painted and primed in white acrylic paint.  The words are written clearly and powerfully in black fade-proof ink.  The words are written to emulate the shape of the heart on both sides.  Each word is chosen to empower the human spirit…with the word “love” being the only word repeated.  The calligraphy pen is created out of metal and in the slanted position to let the audience realize they are the authors of the words they choose.  The ink is painted and then covered in black glitter to show that words possess power and the magic to change perspective.

The piece is influenced by the quote:

“The pen is mightier than the sword”.

-Edward bulwer-Lytton