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First Hearts Installed!

Heartland Values- Sue Kalicki Sponsored by Bob and Jan Fitzsimmons

The first two sponsored hearts have been installed in downtown Lincoln. The first, titled “Heartland Values” by Sue Kalicki, is located at 10th and Q and was sponsored by Bob and Jan Fitzsimmons. Sue’s inspiration for the design celebrates several of the values which, she believes, are represented in the Heartland.  The heart portion illustrates an artist’s value scales, which overlap and interact in a way that mirrors the way we strive to interact with one another, in harmony.

Oneness-Nickie Nix Sponsored by Rhonda Seacrest




The second installed heart titled “Oneness” by Nickie Nix was sponsored by Rhonda Seacrest. “Together we can accomplish more.”  was the inspiration behind the design.

Keep your eye out for more hearts being installed. All hearts will be installed by May 2017 and will be displayed through October. Sponsors are still needed. The sponsorship period will end January 15, 2017.

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