(25a) Quilting at Windmills-Beverly Todd


Quilting at Windmills # 25a

Art has a way of bringing me full circle to my creative roots.  Perhaps one of the last children playing wild in the woods, fields and streams of rural Nebraska, I found nature, imagination and “making” coupled hand-in-hand-in-hand.  Making is engaging in creative, and often artistic-based, do-it-yourself projects.  Making is using your mind and hands to create.

Sometimes that making took the form of quilting, inspired by my mother who is a master quilter and, at age 79, still sews by hand beautiful quilts.  As a child I’s model my mother, piecing together fields of colorful cloth that would grow and expand like the patchwork of fields across rural Nebraska.

Through Quilting at Windmills, I explore matters of pattern and form found in quilting, and the vivid colors reflective of rural Nebraska.

This work also is a tribute to the fiber artists of Nebraska – our pioneer ancestors who had few creative outlets, yet found inspiration in thread and fabric-the quilt-as a form for their artistic expression.

My technique will use hand-painted paper, in a wide variety of texture and pattern (made using acrylic paint on vellum and/or rice paper).  The paper is affixed to the fiberglass surface with gel medium.

Accenting the collage quilt is a large three-dimensional needle (made of fiberglass or metal) intersecting the heart with a stitch.  A spiral of thread (shaped wire) pulls from the fabric, through the needle eye, and ends in a curl.

The Nebraska-shaped base is gilded in gold-patina metal-effects paint, providing a calm landing for the patterned heart.