27b) Corn Aliens-Patrick Gauthier



Corn Aliens #27b

Growing up in Nebraska near the corn, this is the type of movie I might have seen at a drive in theater in an agricultural state. Children in the corn or aliens creating crop circles in corn fields are great themes for drive in movies for summer fun.  Today, drive in theaters are near to being a thing of the past.  We use to bring our favorite girl and an alien horror movie might make her sit closer to you.  We would also hang out with friends enjoying outdoor movie fun with refreshments.  The sound system hanging on the interior of the window brought movie sound into the vehicle.  The signage on the speaker system is a good warning reminding you to return the hi-fi speaker to the post before driving off.  If not, it may damage your window.

Hand-painted design using acrylic paint for the front of the heart and the base.

Sculpting epoxy or fiberglass construction of the speaker will be permanently attached to the back of the heart to resemble a speaker you would find in a drive in theater. The image will be produced to match this artwork identically. The speaker will appear to be hanging on the heart.