27c) A Large Pepperoni Pizza-Patrick Gauthier



A Large Pepperoni Pizza # 27c

I was eating lunch the other day at my favorite pizza place and I ordered a pepperoni pizza.  When it arrived at the table I thought what a fun way to enjoy a delicious meal.  Pizza is a wonderful meal that makes lunch or supper time fun time.  Many flavors of pizza can be enjoyed at sports events, mealtime or large get togethers. Although there are many flavors of pizza, a pepperoni pizza is a good flavor to start with.  The larger the pizza the more people that can join in the celebration.  Pizza makes us smile, especially a large pizza.

Acrylic modeling paste, construction adhesive, and epoxy putty will be used to create pizza texture on top with individual pepperonis made separately and added permanently to the surface. One pepperoni will have fallen off the pizza and is lying on the base. Hand painting using acrylic paint to match the textured surface will create a pizza.

Hand painting design using acrylic paint for the back of the heart and the base. The image will be produced to match this artwork identically.