28a) A Kintsugi Heart-Joni Sakurada Hotz

(28a) A Kintsugi Heart-Joni Sakurada Hotz

Patrons: Mary and Frank Dupuis

Kintsugi is a Japanese term that means “to repair with gold”, and is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer mixed with gold. Rather than throwing an object away when it is broken, the object is repaired and made stronger, more beautiful, and more valuable. Together with my good friend Michael Leach, who is a practicing therapist, we have taken this concept one step further, and applied it to the human heart. A heart that has been broken through whatever means – love, loss, death, abuse, war, natural disasters, etc. – can be healed, and the person can be stronger, more beautiful and more valuable for the experience. This concept seems particularly appropriate for Nebraska, often considered the heart of America.

I could not have created this heart without the support of my family and friends. A special thank you goes out to Adrian Smith, Morrill Elementary School, all the members of the Sakurada family, and my daughter, Kristin Sakurada Hotz. I sincerely hope you enjoy this piece that I have tried to create.

In memory of Tokuzo & Sato Sakurada, Kristin Susan Hotz, George Bizzigotti, and Janice Snyder.