2b) So Sweet- Artist: Emilie Alles

Patrons: Wendy & John Bonaiuto, Kenneth J. Wenzel & Erin Wenzel
Nebraska has a great school system, with many outstanding teachers.  The technology we students have available outweighs what many other places have.  I’ve been inspired to use this public art project as a way to raise money for a trip to Washington DC this summer, an educational trip put together by the school system.  It would be “So Sweet” to use this big art project to help me get to that great opportunity.

Design and Constructions notes:
-One Fiberglass heart and Nebraska base created by Patrick Keough

-An upper portion of the heart will be removed to look like a bite has been taken out of it.

-The base will be painted a chocolate brown color, and the heart will be painted to look like a ripe red strawberry dipped in chocolate, with its green stem at the top.

-Three coats of a UV protectant will be used for the finish.