31a) Nebraska Cornfield-Peggy Kokes-Alloway


Patron: Nancy and Brian Christiansen

My proposal would be two sided with corn painted on both sides.  One side depicts moonlit cornfield and the other side shows the golden hour when the sun is shining through the corn.  I chose to paint corn for this project because corn represents agriculture and agriculture is vital to Nebraska.  This symbol is so important to our state that the University chose it as their mascot – and what better symbol would there be to place on campus for a public art display?  When I paint I use a multitude of colors.  For inspiration I stand in a cornfield and listen to the rustling of the leaves, as the sun slowly sinks to the horizon changing the colors constantly before it’s gone.  This intense imagery experience provides me as an artist with feelings I can only express through my work.  I grew up in Valley County, Nebraska on a farm and I’ve been painting most of my life.  In the past five years I’ve concentrated on painting corn and other aspects of Nebraska agriculture.  I will paint my sculpture with acrylic paint using the color schemes shown in my proposed designs.  The base I would paint as metallic bronze to represent the Nebraska soil.

Optional addition to the base:

I’ve included a drawing of three dimensional corn leaves that could be added to my proposal above the base surrounding the heart. I’m not a sculptor and I would have to consult with someone to design and create this addition.