32c) The Good Life-Samantha Wicht


“The Good Life” #32c

On our states sign it says “Nebraska…the good life” so I picked this title because it sums up what Nebraska is all about.  Many people think this state is flat farm land but in reality we are so much more, so I picked a design that shows Nebraska with all its notable qualities like chimney rock or our capitol building.  I also wanted to show how we have beautiful sunsets.

For this design the skyline of Nebraska would circle around the whole thing. In the skyline would be chimney rock, the Lincoln skyline, the Omaha skyline with the zoo, a farm/field to show how we are a farming state and it would also have the football stadium.  The base would be an almost cartoon-y map of Nebraska with some of the cities/towns on it, mainly the ones that are on the larger side for Nebraska.  The main focus would be a sunset that would fade into stars at the top because in Nebraska we are known to have flat lands with amazing sunsets.  I would paint this with acrylic with variations of colors for the sunset and black for the skyline.  The base would be green

with other colors for the lettering on the map.  I would roughly base the sunset on actual sunsets of Nebraska.