33c) Wave-Alison Rash

33c) Wave-Alison Rash

Patron: Delta Delta Delta Sorority and House Corporation

“Love is a powerful source”.  These words were spoken to me the other day by my oncologist and have echoed in my ears continuously since.  One act of love, one gesture, one spoken word can inspire another act of love and this ripple effect has unimaginable power to change a moment.

I know it has changed mine.

I moved back to Lincoln, NE one year ago after undergoing treatment for stage 3 breast cancer.  I grew up in Grant, NE (Perkins County) and lived there for 17 years before moving to Los Angeles where I lived for 18 years.  Both places are home, but Nebraska also has a big piece of my heart.

A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with a relapse of metastatic breast cancer.  This is an unimaginable diagnosis and although there is sorrow, what stands out is the love of so many people that has given me strength in this moment. “Wave”… is a love letter and a thank you to all of the people in Nebraska who have been part of my journey.  The wonderful thing about love is that it never runs out.  There is always more.  And not only am I blessed by acts of love, but I can also bless.  Love is not only for me to receive, but for me to freely give.

From our vantage point, we may not always see how one moment impacts another, but when we are given a chance to step back and view the larger picture, we can often see astonishing beauty woven through our lives, through our grief, our pain and our joy.

It is my hope that others who vies “Wave” feel a sense that love is truly a powerful force.