35a) New Sacred-Lucas Kotschwar


My design proposal is meant to pay homage to the cow, the animal responsible for Nebraska’s number one industry.  Upon hearing of the project, my mind began to think about what makes Nebraska, Nebraska.  I thought of all the things I am thankful for, all the things I maybe take for granted.  It dawned on me that Nebraska is the state that I love so much thanks in large part to the sacrifices made by the bovine.  This animal has a life of its own, experiences life just as the rest of the world’s sentient beings, and yet seems to serve its purpose only to sustain our own human lives.  Is that what cattle were always meant to be?  Just a jagged line going up and down on a commodity board?  Where would cattle be without the intervention and mass consumption needs of modern and past humanity?  More importantly, where would humanity be without the cow?  I believe we can answer that last question.  We owe our lives to this animal, even ironically as it gives its own life for us.  Nebraska exists economically because of it, and it gives the citizens of this state the structure that makes living life here so great.

The sculpture will be painted with acrylics.  The skull and goldenrods will be realistically  painted.  The colors on the state are meant to symbolize the green, smooth rolling grasses of Nebraska’s plains and pastures.  The colors of the heart represent the sky at dusk, one of the great Nebraska beauties.