36a) The Kiss-Lynn Wilson


When I first saw the big, puffy heart, I thought that it would be the perfect canvas for an expression showing the sentiment of “LOVE”.  And what better symbol of love than a 6 foot tall KISS!  The heart will boast a man and a woman and they will fill the heart shape giving the heart a whimsical feel!  Colors will be bold and eye-catching from the luscious lips to the “Nebraska by Heart” tattoo on the man’s arm!

I’d like to propose a whimsical sculpture painted in bright eye-catching colors. The heads of a man and a woman will fill the space and will give the sculpture a lop-sided, comical feel.  The focal point will be lips that will be full and luscious and just a r=fraction of an inch from touching! (Inspired by Michelangelo’s “Creation of Adam” where drama is heightened when God reaches out to Adam and their fingers are just about ready to touch).

I will use the suggested painting materials given by the fiberglass heart manufacturer, including the clear coat!