36b) Memories in my Heart-Remembering Kyle, Michael, Marty and Mel-Lynn Wilson

Location: NET N. 33rd 

Patrons: Sharla Schultze & Terri Elliott

Lately mosaics have been my medium of choice and I’ve developed a style all my own.  I have incorporated shells, rocks, jewelry, hardware, buttons and wood using them with the usual broken plates and mosaic tiles.  I would like to make a 3-D mosaic using the same materials as my 2-D mosaics. There will be an abstract, organic feel on the sculptured Heart, which will give a rich, textured feel.  (It will be so cool!)

The grout and super burly glue would make it almost impossible to remove any of the pieces from the heart.  They will be anchored permanently to the fiberglass form1

The heart will be very colorful with much of the negative space covered in iridescent glass tiles.

I’ve been collecting pieces for this sculpture for a year!

Ever since I did the lightbulb in mosaic tiles, I’ve wanted to take what I learned from that project and make another 3-D sculpture!  The heart is perfect!  To use additional materials (besides just tiles) will add interest and depth to the sculpture.  I also would like to make it more colorful and eye-catching!

Much of my inspiration comes from putting to use what I learned from the Light Bulb!  You don’t always get a chance for “do-overs”!