37a) Nature’s Balance-Sarah Hansen

Close up of pattern that would continue around the heart


When I think about Nebraska I think about all of our extensive natural resources and how they are vital to our state.  Our most valuable natural resource is water – our aquifer.  I made the background of my proposal blue to represent this resource.  I chose to incorporate the following natural symbols that represent our state in my design:  goldenrod, the leaf of the cottonwood tree, the meadowlark, the channel catfish, and the whitetail deer antlers.  I wanted to intertwine all of the symbols together into a cohesive design that represents how all of the elements of nature are interlaced.  The colors I chose are those that I see everyday all around me in nature.  I live in rural Greeley county on a farm and I often see many of these plants and animals on a daily basis.  As an elementary teacher I strive to teach my students about the importance of conserving our natural resources and respecting the balance of nature.  This piece of art represents this balance.  If my proposal is selected I will paint my design in acrylic paint.  The symbols (design) will be outlined in black as shown in the visual proposal.  I would paint the base solid black so it doesn’t compete with the intricate details on the heart.  I would like to show the outline of Greeley county on the base with a small heart inside it representing where I’m from and where my inspiration has come from  the color scheme on the final sculpture is depicted in my drawing, but the acrylic paint would be more vivid than shown with the colored pencil I used in my proposal.  I would paint both sides of the heart with the same design and color scheme, matching the pattern up so it is continuous over the entire 3D sculpture.  I included the black and white outline of my design with the proposal so that you can see the intricate details of the design more easily.  Obviously, they will be more clear when it is on a larger scale.