39a) Migration in the Heartland-Sandra Meyer

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Nebraska by Heart is the perfect base for my painted sculpture.  I was born and grew up in Nebraska, and have lived here all of my years and love every piece of it.

My heart will be painted with Golden Soft Body acrylic paints.  I chose Golden because the colors are so vibrant and lasting.  I am so anxious to get started and see the heart in living color with a clear shine sparkling in the sun.

I chose to do the design with a zentangle vibe.  Living in North Platte, the focal point had to be Sandhill Cranes.  There is nothing that compares to the first sound of cranes flying over on their way to meet up with thousands more.  We can drive 3 miles to watch the cranes dance and frolic and eat in the fields.  What a magnificent site!

The background of the hearts is filled with parts of Nebraska important to the cranes:  The crops, the moisture, the sun and moon, and the rivers.

I know this is the 150th anniversary of Nebraska, but I wonder, how many years have the cranes visited this special part of the heartland.