40b) Peace-Diane Ogden


The title for this design is “Peace”, inspired by the swirly green heart as those colors have a calming effect and reminds me that there is still some ‘Peace’ in our world as well.

Discovering early in my childhood that my bedroom walls provided a great canvas for my crayon creations, also provided great motivation for my mother to channel my artistic flair and get me involved in more appropriate artistic outlets.  She made sure I was introduced to a number of community-based day camps, girl scouts, needlework classes…any opportunity to keep my focus off her walls!  These formative lessons developed in me, a “See it, like it, create it “ life model.  I’ve always believed that I can do anything if I put effort into it.  This attitude has served me well through the years, developing skills in varied and diverse art experiences and modalities.

Working as a postal carrier for 30+ years (now retired) allowed me to see nature in all seasons, any weather situation that you can encounter, along with the color changes as the sun moved across the sky.  Much of my art takes on the shapes, colors, shadows and images still painted in my mind from my travels through Lincoln’s landscapes.

My passion and love of art, a culmination of life experiences, my bold and very independent personality, and gravitation toward bold, unique (and sometimes brazen) color combinations all contribute to the work I produce.

My Mom would be so proud!  My artistic work has led me back to my crayons.  By developing a style and technique of melting and blending crayons, I create a one-of-a-kind, unique piece of art that captures my mood and personality, that hopefully visually delights art enthusiasts who view my work.

Art is a very stabilizing force in my life.  I can begin working and get so totally immersed in the work that I lose all track of time.  Art is calming and helps me relax;  visualize as the crayons melt, blend and dance on the canvas, the stress leaves and relaxation enters.

I hope my work is visually appealing and draws you in.  As an artist, my hope is that through my enjoyment of creating the work, it has a ripple effect in positively impacting those who view it.