41b) Art Lines of a Masterpiece-Ramona Fink


Inspiration:   Every Nebraskan should have a special place in their heart for our magnificent capitol building and designers involved in the careful crafting of this masterpiece.  This mosaic is an homage to the architect Bertram Goodhue, sculptor Lee Lawrie and artist Hildreth Meiere.

Project Medium:  Mosaic

Project Materials:  stained glass, some pieces of stone and marble, neutral light tan grout

Project Colors:  browns, tans, black, hints of gold, blue and other colors.  

Project Description:

This piece will be an abstract representation of some of the many ‘design lines’ found throughout the capitol building.  The overall design look will be the art deco style.  Grout lines will delineate each element area of the heart.  Since the grout will be a lighter color, I will widen the grout lines between elements, but set small pieces of glass and stone in the middle of the grout line to create vivid line movement typical of art deco design.  The heart will consist of sections of this capitol building art.  The base will include the colors of the pieces in the heart section, but will just be a random pattern of glass and stone.

The ‘line designs’ might include line designs found in areas such as:

Floor grates




    Art work

    Stonework outside of the building