41d) Architectural Elements of the Plains-Ramona Fink


Inspiration:  I am fascinated (and sorrowful) looking at historical pictures of Nebraska’s architectural past.  Our weather may be hard on buildings, and many may not have survived long, but I am also dismayed with the number we have lost that might have been saved.  This heart sculpture collage is a tribute to our architectural heritage including what we have now and what we have lost.

Project Medium:  Mixed Media Collage

Project Materials:  Colored lightfast papers, paper painted with acrylic paints, acrylic pours or skins

Project Colors:  The background will be painted blue with pinks and yellows to suggest a sky backdrop for the architectural elements.

The architectural elements will be the subject matter’s natural neutral coloring of  blacks, browns, whites and metal color accents.  I would create these images in a high contrast rendering to sharpen each image’s impact.

I would leave a spacing (about ¾”) between each separate image to give the heart a mosaic look and also visually define each architectural element.  The sky background would act as a ‘grout’ between each image.

The base would be done in the collage media also, but done in greens and browns to suggest a land base.

Project Description:

This heart is a close-up collection of Nebraska’s architectural elements from across the state..The architectural elements depicted on this heart are not a whole representation of any building or object, but a part of that object.  I will search historical pictures and take my own pictures for the subjects in this heart collage.

This collage might include images such as:

Corn silo slats

    Windmill blades

    Iron fence piece in a cemetery

    Brand sign at entrance of a ranch

    Interstate bridge strut

    Store front window corner

    Pawnee lodge entrance