42a) 58 Years of Love & Devotion-Jane Langenfeld


This design is dedicated to my parents who have been married for a blissful 58 years and have lived the majority of their married life on our family farm in Valley County.  They have shown love and devotion not only in their marriage, but also in their faith and in their stewardship to the land they farm.  At the ripe young age of 80 and 82, they continue to live on their homestead and tend the land which is where they find true happiness.

The design features a view looking north from the driveway of their farm with their hands interlocked.  The other side of the heart will feature a view from the same road but looking south to reveal a roadside view of the place they have called home for half a century.

A few changes to the design include:

-The hands will have a slight redesign.  I need to take a better reference photo of their hand.

-The colors are a bit off.  This will be painted with acrylic with maybe a bit of Gelli Printing done in the sky.  The sketch is done with acrylic, oil pastel and marker.

– The buildings will have a more realistic painterly look and will not be outlined in a     

 Sketchy fashion as they are now.