42b) Valley County Views-Jane Langenfeld


The inspiration this design came from an oil painting that I did of a windmill on my parent’s farmland in Valley County.  However, I didn’t have access to my original resources while I worked on this design so some parts were placed together from memory and the windmill itself is pretty rough.  My plan would be to create some dramatic, vivid, painterly sky using Gelli printmaking plates to add texture and edgy transitions.  This sky in this sketch done by painting with printmaking brayer.  I’m not sure how that technique will truly carry over to a 3D heart.  The landscape will be completed with acrylic paint in a painterly yet realistic feel.  The design would feature the windmill on one side and a view of pasture land on the other side.  The pasture land is not turning out in my sketch as I despise using oil pastels in place of paint.  I’ll include a color copy of the reference photo so you can have a better idea of the direction.