44a) New World-David Alles


My first idea for a heart design was to create a memorial to all of our men and women who have not only served, but continue to face enduring pain as they recover from action.  Our country awards the Purple Heart citation.  Can a heart of purple convey the right level of sacrifice?  Even though the idea is understood, what of the sacrifice of the family, sacrifice of our country, sacrifice of the state and its resources, sacrifices of past generations?  They seem to fade away in the passing of time.
     My inspiration and initial design concept seemed to fall short in my attempt to pay respect to families who have had to endure the tragedies of war, including my own.  Even though the idea had merit, something was missing so the design was set aside.
     Inspiration can certainly come in strange ways.  My son, Jacob, said to me: “Papa, I have an idea for a heart.  Why don’t you put the earth in the center of that purple heart?”
     I thought perhaps I should shift my perspective on sacrifice to that of global impact.  Taking into consideration the perpetual contributions Nebraskans have given the world, not only from the historical past but everything that we do today.  From our family farms and ranches, to our high standard in education, to environmental stewardship, to our commitment to community and endless outreach programs that span the globe, you will find Nebraskans.  We are considered the heartland of America, and in the center of that heart you will find Nebraskans who still endure the ultimate sacrifice.  And you will find Nebraskans who still go the extra mile for others, working locally, toward a greater global good.
Material and Construction
  • One fiberglass heart and Nebraska base created by Patrick Keough.
  • Deconstruct the center portion of the cast in order to rebuild the frame to support additional weight of the new frame, fiberglass and spinning globe.
  • Wire, steel, and mesh will be used to create the sphere inside the heart covered in fiber cloth and a coat of resin.
  • The base will stay the same, painted in our state’s colors.
  • After all the surface construction,, the sculpture will be ready for primer and paint.
  • The globe will be painted in blue, brown and green representing all major land masses to depict the earth rather than countries.  Dark purple will be the color of the heart.
  • The base on the outside surface will be painted blue and silver with the top portion of the base in gold – with a silver outline of the Nebraska counties.
  • Finishing stage includes three coats of UV protectant.
  • Deliver Art to site location.