44c) Mouser-David Alles


44c) Mouser-David Alles
Location: 10th and P street
Patron: Carol Mullen
A playful moment when a kitten pounces on its favorite pink toy becomes a lifelong , lasting memory.  Quirky behavior laced with affection has an unexpected way of comforting our souls and touching our lives.  Whether in the joy of the here and now, or in photographic memories of the past, our pets always have a special place in our heart and mind.
     This design is dedicated to my favorite cat, Paloma.  Ours is a true story of bonding, joy and inspiration.
Material and Construction
  • One fiberglass heart and Nebraska base created by Patrick Keough.
  • Slight modification to the structure in order to directly attach the whiskers, tail and paws to the core support.
  • Wire, steel and drain tile will be used to create the general shapes and then will be covered in fiber cloth and resin.
  • The base will be slightly modified to look like a pink toy mouse still in the shape of the state, but with a tail.
  • After all surface construction, the sculpture will be ready for primer and paint.
  • The kitten will be painted in different shades of grays, blue and white with bright orange eyes; and a linear line of blue will go around the sculpture, simulating an oil painting I created in 2002 entitled “Paloma”.
  • The base will be painted in several shades of hot pink and red, and given a texture to simulate fur.
  • Finishing stage includes three coats of a UV protectant.
  • Deliver Art to site location.