44d) Hello Sunshine-David Alles

Patron: The Hoppe Law Firm
The wondrous, magical beauty of nature always inspires me.  From a seed to germination I nurture and care for the plant as I watch it grow through various stages.  Before long, the seedling has emerged into a well-established plant that soon will bear all of its glory.  Strong and tall my plant has emerged with vibrant and bold petals; a flower that now tracks the sun across the sky with its gentle sway.  The plant shall give forth its fruit and the cycle of life shall begin again with a seed.  Inspirational thoughts start much the same way.  Like the seed, with some nurturing care, effort and time, creative endeavors too may turn into something quite wonderful.
Material and Construction
  • One fiberglass heart and Nebraska base created by Patrick Keough.
  • Deconstruct the center portion of the cast in order to rebuild the frame to support additional weight of the new frame, fiberglass petals, plant stem and leaves.
  • Wire, steel, and drain tile will be used to create the general shape and will then be covered in fiber cloth and resin.
  • The base will be slightly modified to look like a terra-cotta pot still in the shape of the state.
  • After all construction of the surface, the sculpture will be ready for primer and paint.
  • The petals will be painted in different shades of bright yellow and orange, while the leaves and stem in various shades of green.  The center of the flower will be textured to resemble sunflower seeds and will be painted in white, gray and black.
  • The base on the outside surface will be painted in a color similar to a terra-cotta pot and the top portion of the base will resemble soil.
  • Finishing stage includes three coats of UV protectant.
  • Deliver Art to site location.