44e) Bee Attraction-David Alles

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     As an artist and a gardener, plants, flowers and bugs of all kinds are always great sources of inspiration.  With a little time and research, one can identify not only plants but the effect which can be achieved from planting the right plants for the right insects.
     Nebraska’s state insect is the Honeybee, which just so happens to be attracted to our state flower, the Goldenrod.  What a wonderful combination, especially in a state where agriculture is so important.  Certainly not to be understated are the magical little wonders of pollination and honey, and their impact on our state’s economy.
Material and Construction
  • One fiberglass heart and Nebraska base created by Patrick Keough.
  • Deconstruct the center portion of the cast in order to rebuild the frame to support additional weight of the new frame.  The heart will be cut off at the base and welded flat, hovering above the bee.  Wings will be fabricated out of steel and finished out with fiber cloth and resin not to be painted, so the wings will be translucent.
  • Wire, steel and mesh will be used to construct other components of the bee as well as the Goldenrod plant that will emerge from the base.
  • The base will be mostly covered with a large patch of Goldenrod protruding upward, constructed of steel rods and wire.
  • After all construction of surface, the sculpture will be ready for primer and paint.
  • The bee will be painted in various shades of orange, yellow and brown.
  • The base on the outside and top surface will be painted brown with green foliage and bright yellow flowers.
  • Finishing stage includes three coats of UV protectant.
  • Deliver Art to site location.