45a) Together-Becky Lamb

Location: UNL’s East Campus- Chase Hall
Patron: Sysco Lincoln, Eileen Bradbury & Randy Pierce, Bob & Carla Philipps, Roy Lamb and Ron Bradbury
Nebraska loves “gearheads” and so do I!  The talented men in my life love to take things apart, examine how they work, and put them back together again.  Many consultations have occurred in the garage and under the hood.  Many words of advice have passed over the phone, “how do I make this work again?  What is my next step?”Their community and support of each other has created a strong bond that will never be broken.
     My family appreciates the experience and knowledge of each other.  They depend on it; much like Nebraska.  We are surrounded by incredible talent, knowledge, strength and compassion.  We come together and make big things happen.  The gears may not always turn just right; they may need a little adjusting and repair.  But that’s how we learn and how we become stronger.  “Together we can do so much.”  This quote by Helen Keller is a tribute to the ‘gearheads’ in my life and in the great state of Nebraska.