46a) Heartland Story-Michael Montag

Patron: Kathie Svoboda in Memory of Bill
Story time has been one of my earliest and most cherished memories!  As a child, my family would read to me.  We would explore vast and beautiful vistas of imagination.  Our family dog, Brandy, would often join in the circle.  It was a wonderful time of love, learning and mentoring.  We often would read about history.  When we read to children, we reveal history to them.  We also continue writing the story into the future.  I wonder what chapters they will add as the years go by.
      Made of meticulously hand cast bronze, Heartland Story is a tour de force in bronze storytelling.  The group of bronze busts are life sized!  Of note, my illustrations are not exact to scale.  The group will be attached to the painted fiberglass heart with a large circle.  Bronze is the pinnacle of traditional artwork.  It is extreme in quality and durability , and makes a bold statement to that effect.
     I have the privilege of having been entrusted with many monumental artworks nationally and internationally.  In my journeys, I have seen work in this genre serve as a link to the past and a bridge to the future.