46b) Sacred Heartland-Michael Montag


     Made of bronze, and applied to the dramatically painted heart, Sacred Heartland is an expression of devotion.  It is wrapped with a crown and a flame of bronze.  The motif is on both sides.  With Sacred Heartland, I wanted to create a personal metaphor to show how the land we came from made our family strong and deep.  Our roots still connect deeply within the fertile soil of our heritage and traditions.  In forgotten times of old, they tell me that there was an ocean where I stand.  Beneath our feet these waters still flow and swell.  Hidden empires swim in sand.  We tap the rocks like Moses and make the prairie desert bloom.
     I have the privilege of having been entrusted with many monumental artworks nationally and internationally.  In my journeys, I have seen work in this genre serve as a link to the past and a bridge to the future.