46c) Immaculate Heartland -Michael Montag

Patron: Commercial Investment Properties
Made of bronze, and applied to the dramatically painted heart, Immaculate Heartland is an expression of devotion.  The fiberglass heart of Mother Mary wears a bronze crown and flame.  The crown wraps around the mid-section of the heart on both sides.  Multi-colored flowers adorn her crown.  It is a dramatic and powerful statement of a mother’s sorrow and victory dedicated to mother’s everywhere.
     Mary travels in the same deep waters of our minds and relationships that art does.  She speaks volumes to us on a simple emotional and instinctive level that bypasses the stereotypical banter.  We all recognize the love in our mother’s voices.
     I have the privilege of having been entrusted with many monument artworks nationally and internationally.  In my journeys, I have seen work in this genre serve as a line to the past and a bridge to the future.