4a) Internal Connection- Artist: Bri Murphy & Katelyn Farneth


Patron: Nebraska Heart Institute

Artists:  Bri Murphy and Katelyn Farneth

Bri Murphy and Katelyn Farneth are two artists who have always been interested in anatomy.  This anatomical interpretation of the heart represents both of their bodies of work simultaneously, pulling from Bri’s sculptural background and Katelyn’s figurative paintings.  With their ability to create a highly realistic heart they believe fellow Nebraskans will feel an internal connection to the work and the artists.  The heart after all, is the driving force of the body as artists are the innovating force of society.

Using both sculptural and surface elements, they will alter the original heart shape into a more realistic representation.  Using compatible materials like fiberglass cloth and bondo will allow the heart to remain strong and intact for many years.