51b) Corn Grown-Courtney Cuddeford

Location: UNL Student Union

Patrons: Jim and Julie Pittenger

When a person thinks of Nebraska, two things come to mind.  The first is Husker football and the second is fields of corn, as far as the eye can see.  For this design, I was inspired by this second thought.  Corn is the heart of Nebraska/  From the middle to the outskirts, it’s everywhere and only seemed fitting to include it in this design.
     Another quality of Nebraska I wanted to include was the many rivers that we have.  Many people find peace and tranquility by rivers; and hopefully people can find the same peace when viewing this sculpture.
Building Plans
     The base of this sculpture will be made out of 1/4″ plate steel that will measure 12″ tall by 4′-6″ wide.  It will be cut into the shape of Nebraska and an engraver will be used on it to create the lines of rivers.
     Approximately 12″ diameter pipe will be used to create the stand in which the heart will sit.  The pipe will roughly be 12″ tall.
     The heart will be made out of 18 gauge steel.  The heart will be three dimensional so it will have a “bubble” shape to it.  The husk will wrap around and shape the bottom of the heart.  The husk will be color-treated with a welding touch to add a silver/bluish haze of color.
     Inside the husk, the corn kernels will be individual cutouts of squares welded together.  Toward the bottom of the heart, where the husk begins to part, the kernels will be welded together so no visible light will be seen.  As the kernels begin to go up the heart, they will get bigger and will have spaces between them so light can come through.  The kernels will be rusted to give color variation to the sculpture.