55e) Perspective: Eyes of the Beholder-Marita Sanchez-Stapleton

   Both sides of the sculpture depict a perspective of the Nebraska landscape: the line of sight of a Midwestern farmer on a tractor and, on the other side, the expansive view of the Sower on the top of the Capitol building.
     Both are icons familiar and known in the Heartland of Nebraska.  Two seed planting individuals seeing the landscape from different levels with a similar heart and vision to ‘see’ growth in the land.  The photo of the farmer is one readily recognized from the cover of the book, History of Nebraska.  The image is one passed down over the generations in many Nebraska families.  It also happens to be the story of my own family. The man in the photo is my grandfather, daily working and cultivating the land with the knowledge that Nebraska was where he and my grandmother wanted to raise their family.