56a) Corgi’s Cabin-Susan Hanson

56a) Corgi’s Cabin-Susan Hanson
Patron: Pinnacle Bank – Ogallala & Grant, NE
Inspiration for this project was threefold – Nebraska’s 150th birthday, the sponsoring groups, and a love of quilting.
     The quilt pattern chosen for one side of the heart is a traditional log cabin pattern.  Quilters are told that it represents log cabins built on the prairie with red center squares for the hearth.  The light values of the block are for the sunny side of the house, the dark values on the opposite side are the shady side of the house.
     Quilts were often made with treasured fabric, some hand woven, some salvaged from used pieces of clothing.  Pioneer families traveling on the Overland and Oregon Trails often chose to include quilts in the belongings they brought along for the journey, bring comfort to those who lay beneath them.
     The second design is a quilted mosaic, many pieces that come together to make a whole.  When viewing photo mosaics, the subject becomes clear when viewed from afar.  The mosaic represents a welcoming pet, cared for in a loving home.
      As with quilting bees, homes with family atmospheres for adolescents, and pet owners seeking help for their pets, close associations with others are so vital for healthy lives.  This project represents the joy and contentment that comes from being a part of a loving home, as the quilt block represents.
Material and Contruction
This design is planned to fill one side of a two-sided heart.
     The photo has been pixilated to create a photo mosaic effect, using 1 1/2″ fabric squares to render the project, which in turn makes it a quilted mosaic.
     The appropriate color fabric squares will be attached to unprimed fiberglass with Modge Podge, as per fiberglass artist’s specifications.  Additional details will be painted on with acrylic paint, as determined necessary by the artist.  The auto body sealer will be added for permanence.
      I have included the original photo of the dog and the initial pixeled photo.  The background will extend to the edge of the second side, and will be created with fabrics that coordinate with the log cabin quilt block on the other side.