57a) N.E. Woman-Mercy High School Honors Art Students-Jane Langenfeld, Art Specialist

Patron: CHI- Health
This piece is symbolizing that any women, regardless of size, race, religion, or age, can do any career that she wants to do (even if that job is normally done by a male.)  All of the jobs displayed in this heart show compassion.  Some are easier to relate to than others, like the nurse and mother.  Yet, the police and army dispatcher also show compassion through different aspects than usually thought.  The faces in this piece will remain blank(other than the lips) so that any woman, young or old, can picture herself doing one of these jobs or anything else she would like.  The main goal of this piece is to inspire – not just women, but society – to break down the stereotypical walls we built so high and allow everyone to dream big and hope to become whatever they wish.
     For the bottom, where the heart comes to a tip, it will have a little girl looking up as if she is dreaming of all the things she could become.  For the base, it will look like roots showing that these jobs flow from and to all areas of Nebraska.