57c) Welcome to Nebraska-Mercy High School Honor Students-Jane Langenfeld, Art Specialist

When most people think of Nebraska, they think of farmland and corn, but Nebraska is much more than that.  Nebraska is rich with heritage and a place where people have hung their hats and called home for generations.  In my depiction, I wanted to illustrate the rustic side of Nebraska which also represents the longevity of this spectacular state.  I used an older model truck from the 1950’s in front of Nebraska’s welcome sign, symbolizing how welcoming we are.  The front of the heart will be almost exactly the same as I sketched it, except the car’s make, model, and color might be different.  I plan to take a better resource photo of the car; however, it will still be facing the same angle.  The entire heart will also be painted to look much more realistic and three dimensional.  The back side of the heart contains license plates from the past.  I will paint the license plates so they look aged and rusted.  They will wrap around the sides of the heart like an unfinished brick wall.