5c) Prairie Flax-Natalia Kraviel


Instead of creating an image on the provided form, I would like to accentuate the form itself.  I’d like to take it beyond creating a 2-D image onto a 3-D form.  I will start by giving the heart added texture in the shape of drops.  Using epoxy putty to make the small forms illustrated in my rendering will give e the flexibility to perfect the shape in a way that contours the heart and shows its great dimension.  I will transform the sculpture into an abstract shape by creating a uniform pattern on the heart that continues down to the Nebraska base, giving it a monumental aesthetic.  After the form is finished, I will paint a gradient that will cover the entire sculpture.  After the heart has a flowing gradient, I will use a highly reflective metallic paint to create a mirrored surface on the drops that were added to the form in the beginning.  This will create a dramatic effect, with the brightly colored drops casting a vibrant shadow on the gradient.  Each drop will be slightly different and vary in shape and size.  It will not be identical to the illustration but will carry the same effect.

My inspiration comes from many different sources.  I am specifically drawn to brightly colored contemporary ceramics and sculpture by artists like Yayoi Kusama and Franz West that challenge the space between functionality and pure aesthetic.  They use bright colors and patterns to draw the viewer in and question the overall shape and its function.  My main objective for this project is to create something that will attract to a wide audience and bring joy through color and pattern that aren’t a part of the mundane.

I plan to use a highly reflective auto body paint. The drops on the sculpture will vary from the illustration but only in a way to better contour the heart.  I will use an airbrush to create the even gradient that will be on the entire form.

I am a local and emerging artist that would greatly appreciate the opportunity to display and share my ideas and aesthetic to the community that I love so much.  If one of my designs were chosen I would go above and beyond to create something memorable and lasting.