(61a) Expansion of Color-Deb Kubik

61aColor and design have been a very important part of my life. The designs on this heart are a culmination of the doodles I have done since childhood. The doodles are on notebooks, scraps of paper, napkins anytime I sit with a pen or pencil, these types of drawings come to life. They are part of the make-up of my life.

Acrylic paint will be used on all parts of the heart. The addition of glass globs are used to catch the light and add even more interest to the viewer.

The use of black and white has the power of sharp contrast and draws the viewer to the intricacies of the design on one side of the heart. Adding bold color selections of design will emphasize the vastness and beauty of available colors to the other side of the heart statue.

I love both the black and white and high contrast and the boldness of the very primary nature of the colors used. A range of full intensity of the colors will be used in the acrylic painting.