(61b) It Doesn’t Get Any Better than This – Nebraska Deb Kubik

(61b) It Doesn’t Get Any Better than This – Nebraska Deb Kubik

Patron: Sue and Tom Tallman

I have always been inspired by the beauty of the Nebraska landscape. My work encompasses this in many forms. Within the last year, I was chosen to depict the Nebraska landscape and sky in fused glass plates to be given to 108 nations around the world representing our beautiful state. Being able to represent the land on the heart form makes this project very near and dear to me. The land and sky are ever changing and I wanted the viewer to be able to see this movement in the piece and the contrast of the acrylic painting and the glass.

The amazing beauty of the Nebraska landscape and sky are created by using glass frit in combination with acrylic paint. Two of my favorite forms of art.

The fused glass method of art is creating by layering small particles of glass, much like the consistency of sand on a clear base of fusible glass. Custom blended frits are created by the combination and experimentation of the available colors of fusible glass. Because of the scientific composition of glass being made with heavy metals, some of these custom colors react when fired, creating totally new colorations. These combinations of colors are significant in creating the clouds and depths of color. There are approximately 50 custom color combinations in this piece. With the landscape and clouds, the use of medium size colored frit was also used to imply heavier or denser coloration.

It is important to note that the use of a clear background glass lets the light transmit through the pieces of glass and can be viewed from both sides. The piece is fired to full fuse. Full fused kiln-forming technique relies on the glass being heated hot enough to become one piece of glass to a temperature of 1450 degrees Fahrenheit and then cooled.

Using acrylic paint shows the difference of composition in the landscape forms giving them more detail.