64a) 93-Gillian Jenkins

64a) 93-Gillian Jenkins

Patron: Jason and Sarah Helvey in Memory of James C. Van Horn

My inspiration for this piece comes from my own history as the only Nebraskan in my family tree.

I spent my first 18 years here and quickly got out of town, spending most of my 20s and 30s

in California, Virginia, Kansas, and Missouri. As the years went by, Nebraska remained a refuge…a temporary resting place for celebrating holidays, healing a broken heart, or making plans for my future.  But after having my first child the desire for a smaller community, running into familiar faces, and the proximity to my parents became unavoidable. Now I live here in a neighborhood I once coveted, one where I can walk our children to school, the local grocery cashiers know my name, there is a park full of kids across the street, and neighbors who offer help at a moment’s notice.   Before, I was just born here. Now, it is home.

The heart will be painted in 10-15 varying jewel toned shades acrylic paint. In each of the 93 blocks of color (half on the back, half on the front), names of all the counties of Nebraska will be hand lettered in black in different fonts.  The base can remain white or the sponsor can help choose a color from those used on the heart. The entire heart will be sprayed with a clear protective coating.