67a) Serengeti of Omaha-Ian Laing

67a) Serengeti of Omaha-Ian Laing
Patron: Warren Distribution
My inspiration for this sculpture is the Serengeti of Africa.  The sunsets, with the trees and animals as silhouettes, are amazing.  Because I live in Omaha, Nebraska, I am able to go to the finest Zoo in the world.  The Henry Doorly Zoo that is.  I am able to see the animals of the Serengeti.  My three girls and I have always liked to see the elephants and giraffes.  So they became an obvious choice for this sculpture.  I chose the Desert Dome of the Henry Doorly Zoo as my backdrop.  I have seen the sunset behind the Desert Dome and chose to encapsulate a Serengeti sunset inside my design.  The heart will have the look of the Desert Dome with all of its triangles.  The sculpture will have the feel of Africa.
Materials and Construction
     I will use Createx air brush paint for the sunset.  The colors will be Sunrise Yellow, Orange, and Pearl Tangerine.  The triangles will be bordered with silver gray.  It will then be clearcoated with a high gloss finish.  The leaves will be hand painted in greens and browns to provide vibrant color.
     The tree will be made from sheet metal and the leaves hand-cut and hand-painted.  I will create enough leaves to give a full canopy on each of the trees (hopefully not thousands)).  The trees will attach to the heart for stability.  The two giraffes and elephant will be made of sheet steel.  Each one will patina until it reaches the coloration I am looking for.  They will then be clearcoated with a high gloss finish.  These will attach to the trees to provide lateral stability.  The trees and animals will also attach to the base.
No primer request on this piece.