67b) Beating as One-Ian Laing


  As I looked at this project, a heart in a heart came to mind.  I envisioned transplanting a heart into the heart showing from the front of the sculpture.  My inspiration comes from all of the successful transplants, the doctors that perform the operations and the donors that make this all possible.
Material and Construction
     The heart will be fabricated using round pipe, sheet metal steel, and round rod.  I chose black for the heart which is to represent the time and emotions a person goes through while awaiting the transplant.  I chose bright red for the base to represent the blood donations required.  A white EKG image going across the front represents the powerful moment when the transplanted heart beats on its own.  I was limited to a few colored pencils and watercolors to create my drawing.  The coloration of the transplanted heart will be more vibrant than what my drawing shows.  It will look like a healthy transplanted heart.  I feel my design closely represents the correct colors for the heart.  The base colors will be custom mixed as the paint work progresses to create the desire effect and then clearcoated to a high gloss finish.
No primer requested on this design.