67c) Sand Cranes at Sunset-Ian Laing

Location: 13th & Q

Patron: Powers Law

I was fortunate to see the sandhill crane migration at sunset a number of years ago.  It was a magnificent sight.  This sculpture screams Nebraska.  I chose to do a sunset for the heart.  The cranes will be made from metal and painted black to give a silhouette look to the piece.  They will have a two-dimensional look to them.  They will be affixed to the sculpture to give the appearance of flying away from the heart.  I am thinking 15 degrees.
Materials and Construction
     I will us “Createx” paint to create the sunset on the heart.  The colors used will be Sunrise yellow, Pearl Tangerine, and Orange.  As this piece reaches full scale, I may need to introduce another color to keep it looking like a sunset ( I would ask permission for this before doing It).  Each crane will be cut out of steel and will be painted satin black with a satin clearcoat.  I am thinking a 15 degree diagonal coming off the heart for the cranes that are flying.  The base will look like a pond surrounded by wetland.  The water will be painted with blues and greens to give a pond effect and it will have a glossy clearcoat.  I will use copper wire to fabricate the grassy areas.  This will be bright copper wire to start with and will patina over time.  (This didn’t show well on my drawing).  The rest of the base, I will use different browns and greens to create the wetland effect.
No primer requested on this design.