67d) A Timeless Piece-Ian Laing

The vision for this piece is a locket.  Lockets are timeless pieces of jewelry that are passed down for generations.  They hold pictures of the ones we hold most dear.  I mostly work with metal, so my design inspiration is a star and red rose.  Gloss black was my color choice for the heart.  I believe the metal work and hand-crafted red rose will compliment the black heart.  A stainless steel chain will finish off the piece.
Material and Construction
     For this design, I will use a gloss black automotive paint for the heart and bright red for the rose.  The sepal on the rose will have a splash of green.  The metal star will be polished steel.  Both the star and the rose will be custom fabricated to fit the shape of the sculpture to maintain the design.  The rose size will be determined by the look of the star.  My estimation for the full-scale rose will be between 12-18 inches.  Each piece will be clearcoated before the final assembly.  I chose a royal blue for the base which will look like the inside of a jewelry box once completed.  I will use a stainless steel chain to finish it off.
No primer requested for this piece.