68a) Encased Honeycomb-Kate Laing

68aA beehive is a shell lined with honeycomb — and also a busy hub of hardworking, small bees that each does a part to make their community function efficiently and successfully. The honeycomb hexagon pattern repeats over and over to make a shelter. I associate a sense of familiarity and home, and I draw connections of that to Nebraskans as well. According to many, humans from Nebraska are hardworking and selfless, kind individuals who work to serve the community and are willing to help their neighbors. Beehives and honeycomb provide a home for bees. Nebraska is home for me.

My idea for this piece will involve a raised hexagonal pattern encasing the heart sculpture form. I will be doing further experimentation and research to determine what would be the best material to get raised, sturdy lines– hot glue (used in design), tiling caulk, or modeling paste are potential options I have contemplated. Gold detailing will accent acrylic paint in shade of brown on the honeycomb. The base will also be painted brown. Several small bee models sized proportionately to the size of the honeycombs will be placed on the surface of the sculpture in different places.