69a) With Heart We Grow-Gabriela Vlad Moscu

69a) With Heart We Grow-Gabriela Vlad Moscu
Patron: Traditions Pub, Sprague, NE
Heart and home are inseparable.  For me, that means Nebraska and the beautiful, life-giving trees that grow so easily here.
     My life is a stormy tale I did not write but always wanted to .  In the 1970’s, I defected from Romania, and I have since become a new person, more than once.  I have traveled the world, reinvented myself and grew new branches; but I set down roots again and again in this fertile soil.
    I am a great grandmother now, and I cherish the thought of encouraging all young Nebraskans to grow, to be educated and become the best they can ever be.
     I based my design on the Cottonwood, and just like a tree that tries to find new sources of water and grow where it is planted, so should children from all of Nebraska’s diverse backgrounds be encouraged to get an education, remain connected and respectful of each other’s traditions.  I hope in this way they will lead the future, with a heart.